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Advertising Experts at Vigyaapan Helping Businesses of all kinds!

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History of Vigyaapan

Welcome to Vigyaapan. The World of Advertisement.

We are "Vigyaapan" family. Let's start with a virtual coffee. "Vigyaapan" was borned on 1st November 2012 in a frosty winter night. When parents (Founder & Co-Founder) made some research & survey on marketing, and outcome was mind boggling as many business owners want to promote their products/services in a modernity way along side of traditional ways. Then this curious parents decided to name their baby, according to traditionally recognizable name but keeping modernity in mind and ended up with a legendary name "Vigyaapan".

But after nurturing this new born baby for a while, parents thought of sending baby to a school by registering the "Vigyaapan" as a partnership firm on 23rd June 2016, so that the baby never get lesser care from either parents.

After 3 years, 5 months and 26 days, we as a parents were proud of our grown child "Vigyaapan", as it was known to many through-out India for its outstanding advertising services. So we finally sent it to the degree college and registered the "Vigyaapan" as Private Limited Company and named as "Vigyaapan Innovations Pvt. Ltd.". Now we are heading soon towards new future of advertising which includes usage of artificial intelligence, augumented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality.


Vigyaapan having a wide array of advertising services to offer our clients. But we can generally boil our services down in to these 3 general categories: Online Advertising, Offline Advertising and OnAir/satellite advertising.


Vigyaapan don't just circulate information, we penetrates public mind with genuine desires and belief with our creativity. And we at Vigyaapan, believe that the best service makes a CUSTOMER, not SALE.


Vigyaapan begins with the end of mind to solve any advertising problems you have and take your business to the next level of sale with our trained, certified & experienced professionals. Trusted by many industry giants.




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Grow Your Business With Vigyaapan

Want to extent your own bussiness!

Everyone’s goal is to extent their business world-wide for which a long-term planning and a well skill developed team is required to execute.

Need more sales to grow your bussiness!

Any one can't risk upon their Return on Investment, so everybody just depend upon their profit out of sale to reinvest it in business, and we have so many better choices to increase your sale.

How to maximize sales?

Sale maximize is a big problematic situation now a days, but it’s not a big deal for the professionals like us.

How to convert every individuals into regular customer?

While doing business everyone willing to make a further business not a onetime business business relation plays a vital role in every business. Ask us, how to make regular customers?


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Online Advertising

Whether you are looking for creation of an online presence for your business, a website, a mobile application or just want to increase traffic, more leads, sales, social followers, huge reach, higher engagement rates.... whatever your needs-we get it done. Guaranteed.

Offline Advertising

We help you develop a winning strategy along with all sorts of printing & execution that maximizes your effectiveness while minimizing the time and money required to achieve your goals.

On-Air/Satellite Advertising

From AD. film making & celebrity management to promoting it on different mediums like Radio, television Channels & Cinema Halls throughout India. We manage it all.

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We are at Vigyaapan, deals with all types of advertising services whether online, offline or on-air advertising. customer's sales maximize and business development is our main motive. Call us to make the best of best plan to build your business career.

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Why Choose Vigyaapan?

Why Choose Vigyaapan?

Vigyaapan is registered as private limited company under the companies act 2013 having access to do business world-wide. In the field of digital marketing, and to promote local businesses, this company certified from Google, Microsoft and twitter like companies. And the only company you will find ever, which gives you guarenteed sales.


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