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Vigyaapan - An Untold Story


We are "Vigyaapan" family. Let's start with a virtual coffee. "Vigyaapan" was borned on 1st November 2015 in a frosty winter night. When parents (Founder & Co-Founder) made some research & survey on marketing, and outcome was mind blogging as many business owners want to promote their products/services in a modernity way along side of traditional ways. Then this curious parents decided to name their baby, according to traditionally recognizable name but keeping modernity in mind and ended up with a  legendary name "Vigyaapan".

But after nurturing this new born baby for a while, parents thought of sending baby to a school by registering the "Vigyaapan" as a partnership firm on 23rd June 2016, so that the baby never get lesser care from either parents.

This very day, parents of "Vigyaapan" started inviting new family members to support them in the growth of "Vigyaapan". And as of now the baby is grown to an adult with many supporting brothers and sisters, working for numerous clients throughout Odisha state in an aggressive & madness mode with a tadka of creativeness in it.

"Vigyaapan" never forgets its birth purpose.

Today Vigyaapan family works for all kind of businesses from small to biggest in a traditional way as well as modern futuristic advertising modes. Within this short period of time Vigyaapan family earned many certifications and made all family members - a trained professionals. "Vigyaapan" is also going to become the only Ad. Agency in India with a R&D (Research & Development) facility dedicated to advertising services.

Oops the coffee is finished....

Next part of the story on another day on table. Now it's time to press the bell & explore what behinds the curtains. Lets move to JOIN US Section and fill a customer information form, so that Vigyaapan can help you develop your presence and increase sales.